Secure Your Organization through Technology Assessments

Technology Assessments

Many feel that a firm needs to be in the public eye for them to be at risk for a cyber threat. We’ve found that cyber criminals are opportunistic. They scan wide swaths of the internet hoping to find vulnerabilities. We can help you get ahead of this with:

Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing
Purple Teaming

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Vulnerability Assessments

This is the start of your cybersecurity strategy. You cannot measure what you don’t measure. We employ the following processes to help.


Comprehensive Scanning

We use a variety of advanced tools to scan for vulnerabilities to ensure a comprehensive understanding of any potential issues.


Risk Evaluation

With our findings, we can help you understand what the critical areas that need addressing before others.


Remediation Strategies

We can provide specific steps for each vulnerability found to help remove risks before they lead to an incident.

Penetration Testing

A step deeper than vulnerability scanning to thorough test your network’s defenses.


Attack Simulation

We use all the tools and techniques of actual hackers to get an understanding of your defenses.


Exploit Exposure

We are able to identify what parts of your network are exploitable and how far an attacked can take this exploit.


Response Evaluation

We help polish your incident response protocols to ensure your organization is ready for potential real-world attacks.

Purple Teaming

Bringing red and blue teams together to have a better cybersecurity posture.



Working together with red and blue teams, we can have a comprehensive view of your security status.


On-Going Improvement

This allows us to operate outside of a single event and continuously refine your cybersecurity capabilities.


Threat Modeling

Using your industry, size, and operations, we can predict the scenarios you will face specific to your business.

Why 515 Engine

Unlock the Power of Technology Assessments

Collaborating hand in hand with our adept team of risk analysts and technicians, you stand to gain:

Uncovering Vulnerabilities

Pinpoint and unveil weak spots within your system.

Enhanced Risk Awareness

Develop a comprehensive comprehension of potential risks through systematic threat classification and asset evaluation.

Expanding Infrastructure Insight

Unearth hidden facets of your network inventory, providing a more lucid perspective of your network architecture.

Empowering Decision-Making

Acquire tailored suggestions to procure essential tools, maximizing the efficacy of your IT expenditures.

Don’t leave cybersecurity breaches to chance

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