Managed Services Strategy

Whether your applications are on premise, in public, private, or hybrid cloud, they all need to be managed by someone. Whether it’s internal DevOps or a External Managed Services Organization, we can help.

Externalizing Managed Services

There are a few ways that workloads can be managed by a third party. If you don’t have the in-house staff, it’s not difficult to leverage a specialized managed services organization into your public, private, or on-premise cloud. We can help you define your requirements and find the right fit regardless of the public or private cloud vendor you currently use.

Managed Public Cloud

The implementation of DevOps is difficult and elusive for many organizations. Moving from traditional hosting into the public cloud means that workloads are potentially un-managed and insecure which can lead to outages and cybersecurity breaches.

How We Help

We’ve been indexing and rating managed cloud service providers for years. Securing and stabilizing your cloud workloads is possible through certified public cloud service providers. AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI as well as other public clouds have a vast ecosystem of certified partners that can integrate their management toolsets into your environment seamless. This can result in better uptimes, increased security, and documented procedures to handle issues. We can formulate your requirements and bring in the necessary partners to fill this management gap in your application.

Managed Private Cloud

For workloads that aren’t elastic and are static with predictable growth, a managed private cloud may serve you better. Predicable costs and the full externalization of application responsibilities are some of the benefits of managed private cloud.

How We Help

Similar to our public cloud index, we also map and index the private cloud space. While not as popular as public cloud, these providers often offer excellent support of legacy applications. These include mainframes and legacy applications. Our mapping data can be used to find a perfect vendor to fully take over your existing infrastructure and applications.

Managed On-Premise / Colocation

Even if your systems reside on premise or in a colocated facility, this doesn’t preclude your organization from having a third party fully manage everything from the infrastructure to the application stack as if they owned the application themselves.

How We Help

Our indexing of on-premise systems management vendors can help you make the best decision for your organization. Company size, workload size, geography, and so many other factors are part of our index.

A proven track record

Why 515 Engine?

We started our work enabling several nascent Software as a Service (SaaS) providers get to market. Because of their uptime requirements, fast growth , and their technical challenges, we’ve been able to map and index the best service providers that can be flexible to your unique needs.

Experience with Legacy Applications

Having a born on cloud application makes public cloud vendor selections far easier. We’ve found that 80% of organizations still run legacy applications which depend on vertically scaling, 3-tier architecture. Our experience goes back to 2007 where legacy applications were turning the corner and being hosted in the cloud.

Our Comprehensive Supplier Database

We’ve been mapping, ranking, and partnering with managed service providers since 2007. We can use our database along with your application design, staffing levels, and security requirements to find the best strategy to get your systems managed and stable using economies of scale that’s been built by others.


We can work as quickly as you need to get a project figured out and moving forward. We are heavy on engineering, design, and project management. We’ve grown through word of mouth from previous engagements.

The Best Outsourcing Outcomes

We’ve love to help you understand your options for externalizing infrastructure management responsibilities quickly.

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