Data Center Strategy

What’s the best data center strategy for your mission critical applications outside of cloud? We can answer that.


Data center projects


Years of experience

A history in data center strategy

Why Work with our Data Center Strategy Team?

We excel at finding the right infrastructure for your applications and systems. Making an uninformed decision when it comes to data centers can take you away from the connectivity, partnerships, or synergies you need to ensure your applications are accessible to client and partners. We specialize in mapping, rating, and categorizing data center space globally for exclusive use with our clients.

17 Years of Cataloging

We’ve mapped the data center landscape since our inception. Regardless of the geography or specific nuance you are seeking, we can probably locate it. Our data center strategy practice is as old as we are.


Our mission is to connect you with the right datacenter for your needs. We don’t have alliances where we need to push you to a particular facility.

Go to Market Faster

The sales process can be slow and frustrating. Go directly to the single source that can price and check availability of any facility on the planet.

Areas Where We Can Help

While not exhaustive, here are some of the areas we’ve assisted others.


Data Center Migrations

We can help you migrate from on-premise to colocation or to the cloud. We’ve also helped those in the cloud move back to on-premise or a data center for cost savings.


Hybrid Cloud & Colocation

We can help develop a strategy to leverage the best parts of cloud and the best parts of colocation. We encourage elastic workloads in the cloud and storage on-premise.


Campus Colocation

Find all the data center locations that operate 2 facilities close enough to connect fiber based storage, close enough but in separate facilities for resiliency.

Go to Market Faster and with a Better Strategy

Contact us for quick answers to your data center and colocation requirements.

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