Find the Best Data Center Space for your Application

Whether you need 1 cabinet or need an entire facility to launch your HPC, we’ve got you covered. Data Center procurement should start here.

Why Data Center Procurement Through Us?

Bring your Application to Market Faster

Finding data center space quickly is not easy. With the increase in AI and ML applications, datacenter supply has waned. Find out what facilities have capacity and get immediate pricing in order to bring your application to market faster.

Find Facilities that can Accommodate unique requirements

Whether it’s unusual geography, connectivity to a unique third party, or a campus configuration for a highly available application we can help. We catalog, rate, and have data on facilities all around the globe.

We Can Help You Find Any Data Center Anywhere on the Planet

We specialize in helping firms get their application to market. Whether it’s data center or cloud computing, we can help.

Enterprise Colocation

We can help you source from 1 cabinet to multiple rows of cabinets for your internal systems or SaaS application.

Wholesale Colocation – Hyper-scale

Whether it’s secure shells, by the megawatt colocation, or a custom build we can help. We have those facilities in our inventory to quote.

Wholesale Colocation – AI or ML use

Get pricing per megawatt (MW) & availability based on geography in hours rather than weeks. We inventory and assess this data continuously.

Need Space Now?

Contact Us for Immediate Support

We can pull automated quotes from major vendors anywhere on the planet.

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