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Office & Data Center Connectivity Advisory Services

We catalog and document connectivity services globally. This includes fiber, wireless, SD-WAN, MPLS, cloud direct connect, aggregation, satellite, point to point, and private lines. Our network partners are subject to our rigorous research, analyst data, and internal scoring to determine if they meet your needs. Our connectivity advisory services can boost your IT strategy.

Our Connectivity Advisory Services

Explore a wide range of services tailored to your needs.


Connectivity Sourcing

Looking for connectivity in a place without a lot of options? With our resources, we can locate connectivity in the most remote of areas and provide you with a simple report outlining all your options.


MPLS to SD-WAN Assessment

SD-WAN is a more flexible and cost effective solution for organizations with multiple locations. Find out if SD-WAN or some competing technology is a good fit for you.


Cloud Direct Connections

Moving data in and out of the cloud shouldn’t be metered. Connections from the cloud are great for storage instances for cost reductions. We can help you understand all the options.


Connectivity Auditing

Our engagement ensures your organization is paying for circuits that are in-use. This allows us to also benchmark pricing to market rates. This is closely tied to our telecom expense management service.


Managed Network Services Advisory

Our full service engagement helps your organization find a great fit managed network services provider or MSP that can manage your complete network across all its locations.


Explore Secure Access Service Edge

An engagement to determine your organizations fit for SASE, a step closer to a zero trust network. We can create a requirements document or issue an RFP as part of this engagement.

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