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Cloud Computing Strategy

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Where should your systems live? What is your Cloud Computing Strategy?


Cloud Sourcing

We assess your application and determine what cloud fits based on its design, scaling, resource consumption, and your staffing situation. Having your infrastructure in the right cloud is an integral part of your cloud computing strategy.

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There are many factors to examine when looking at when determining how to get the most compute for your dollar. We’ve found that organizations like to use solutions that they are familiar with but that’s not always the best option. Do you need public, private, hybrid, multi, or on premise cloud? Each of those options depend on your goals and the architecture of the application.

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SaaS Scaling and Strategy

We recognize that Software as a Service organizations put demands on infrastructure like no one else. Work with us to understand how your SaaS application can scale without breaking the bank.

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A SaaS is probably the most challenging application to run. High performance, zero tolerance for downtime, and fast growth.

We can delve deep into the application architecture while utilizing our knowledge of the market to bring about a comprehensive strategy to allow your organization to provide a high performance application to your clients that is resilient and secure. Where possible, leveraging shared architectures and elasticity can further reduce costs.


Cloud Design & Architecture

What’s the best way to launch your application into the cloud or a data center? We can work with you to understand what the possibilities are and give you a cost benefit analysis of all the options that currently exist to host your infrastructure.

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While in the process of building your application, have experts review the application to understand how it scales and what a good short and long term strategy would look like. Our engagement consists of reviewing the application, understanding how it scales, what technology stack it is and where that tech stack is more supported when it comes to public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

I was impressed with your knowledge base, recommendations, and the fact you were able to aid us with both our current environment and planned expansion.
Dave Horowitz – Netomat

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