Cloud Cost Optimization

Out of Control Cloud Bills have caused us to question the notion of elasticity. We were supposed to be shifting CapEx to OpEx. We can help you find out why this is the case.

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Un-optimized Cloud Workloads Wreck Budgets

Cloud cost optimization is more critical than ever as cloud billing is machine readable, to counter this, we offer 3 intelligent engagements that can help get your budget back on track.

30 Day Cloud Cost Assessment

This engagement answers the question, “how much would this environment cost me on premise or in a different cloud provider?” We can give you the exact cost of your infrastructure on any other platform or even outside the cloud completely.

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There are wild fluctuations in usage making a single point in time calculation of your cloud usage difficult. It’s important to look at usage over a period of time to understand what are the actual contributors to unexpected bills.

We can also use this assessment to give you approximate costs of having this environment back on premise, or in a competing cloud provider.

This engagement is recommended when serious budget concerns are in play and a migration is being discussed.

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Cloud Cost Dashboards

Cloud Computing bills are not easily read by humans. We love the idea of implementing human readable dashboards that will help you monitor, predict, and understand your monthly cloud spend. It’s difficult to manage costs if the costs aren’t fully understood.

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Many cloud providers offer tagging, billing alerts, and basic optimization tools to help control cloud costs. While these are helpful, more is needed to ensure you aren’t paying for un-needed computing infrastructure or some one-time process that was turned on and forgotten.

This engagement allows us to recommend and implement the FinOps tools needed to help you get your arms around your cloud spend. Fully understanding your monthly cost is the first step in the process of optimizing your infrastructure spend so you to make meaningful change. In some cases, these changes can provide an immediate ROI on any expense spent on our FinOps tools.

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Legacy App Re-hosting

There are cloud providers that can save you money without re-writing your entire application to fit into the cloud. The engagement would be assessing your application to see what parts can be pushed into the cloud for cost savings.

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This is an assessment that would examine your storage, disaster recovery, databases, and network to see if there is some function that can be individually moved into a cloud based service. In many cases, going from a dedicated to a multi-tenant service can greatly reduce costs.

If a good fit is found, we can assist in the migration of this component to the right vendor.

Why Choose Us

We Can Help You Understand All your Options

We aren’t beholden to a certain platform, technology, or service. We’d like to ensure that you receive a worthwhile return on your investment for the potential risk of making any changes to your infrastructure.


While we understand the new technologies, it’s important that we keep focused on legacy technologies too. We recognize that larger organizations cannot throw out their infrastructure and start from scratch. We recognize this and can work with you to leverage past investments.


Our team of seasoned professionals brings unmatched expertise to every project, ensuring quality and excellence. We’ve worked in this industry for a long time and we have no issue stepping aside when we aren’t the best firm for your needs.


We value our clients input. We recognize that you understand your application better than anyone else. Working together, we can bring our knowledge of past implementations and our market knowledge to deliver transformative solutions.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Get your Infrastructure Costs Under Control

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