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Since 2007, we’ve helped organizations leverage data centers and the cloud

Our Start

Was helping software companies move from being independent software vendors to Software as a Service providers.

In our early days, we enabled firms looking to take their locally installed software to the cloud. Once in the cloud, we saw how applications scale in the time before kubernetes, docker images, and orchestration.

Additionally, we help clients understand datacenters and cloud based services with an emphasis on security. It’s also hard to discuss these topics with clients without having a firm handle on telecom expense management, Unified Communications, Contact Center, and Connectivity. We are honest about our internal capabilities and can partner with larger organizations to get the job done right the first time.

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Our Take on Cloud Computing and Legacy Systems

We Can Help You Answer These Questions

Why is our cloud bill so high?

Applications that have a small baseline and scale up high for short periods of time work great in the cloud. For applications that have consistent, high use, there are better alternatives. Learn more.

On premise or public cloud. What is best for us?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We suggest a utilization assessment over a 30 day period to tell you what’s best. Staffing, culture, and your applications are also a factor. Learn more.

Are we at risk of a ransomware attack?

Unfortunately every organization is vulnerable. Threat actors are opportunistic and don’t care if you are large or small. Assess your current security readiness and then begin to layer in as much security as budgets allow. Learn more.

How much does a pentest cost?

It’s critical to find a pen tester that can tailor their proposal to cover all your domains and applications. For custom applications, it’s imperative that they attempt to exploit the application. Learn more.

Can you manage our AWS infrastructure?

Many organizations made the move from fully managed hosting to a public cloud. In many cases, the DevOps strategy wasn’t fully executed and didn’t cover the need for systems management and a 3rd party management firm is needed. Learn more.

Can we outsource all our security?

Absolutely. There are organizations that focus entirely on providing SIEM, End point detection with remediation, periodic scans, user training solutions, and a complete Security Operations Center as a Service to any sized organization. Learn more.

How much would a Megawatt of Data center space cost?

There are standard formulas to calculate data center costs. It consists of a base rate multiplied by how many Kilowatts are needed (Base Rate X KW). This amount is then added to your power consumption which is (KWh x price) x PUE. Learn more.

Are we paying too much to connect our offices together?

If you haven’t revisited your connectivity costs recently, you maybe overpaying. Switching from MPLS to SD-WAN or even putting all your connectivity out to bid may yield some interesting cost savings options. Learn more.

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